For 30 years, “Mike Wallace & The Professionals” have been serving Kauai. In 2012 Mike expanded the emergency services division to Flood, Fire & Mold, helping the people of Kauai save their residential homes & commercial property from flood, fire, and mold damage. Owner Mike and his expert team have customized their water mitigation, fire recovery, and mold remediation services with state-of-the-art technology and unparalleled expertise to get the job done right when it matters most. In a flood, fire, or mold crisis, the last thing in the world you want is someone you don’t know or can’t trust to protect you when things are at their worst. The second you call The Professionals, you know you can count on Mike and his team to see you through to a full recovery.


With the desire to increase their capacity to better serve residents and business owners of Kauai through large storms and disaster events, Mike and the team at The Professionals Kauai partnered with Premier Restoration Hawaii in 2021.  Premier Restoration Hawaii is the state’s largest, locally owned and operated full-service restoration company with locations on Oahu, Maui, Hawai’i Island – and now Kauai! With Premier Restoration Hawaii’s statewide support, Mike’s team on Kauai is truly able to service any job no matter its size or scope.


One day, Mike got a call from a customer who found himself in a bad situation – a water pipe had burst, leaving his new home under water. At a moment’s notice, Mike drove over with his extraction, drying, and dehumidification equipment and dried up every last drop of water. It was then, The Professionals expanded their diversified selection of services on Kauai to include flood restoration, water damage restoration, fire restoration, and mold abatement. Eager to help more customers, Mike handpicked and trained a team of recovery experts and invested in cutting edge specialized equipment and technology.


In 2006, Kauai experienced the hardest and longest rain it had seen in decades with almost 150 inches of rain in 30 days. Many homes, office buildings, hotels, and hospitals on the island were wet and in need of recovery and restoration. Mike didn’t hesitate to answer their call. On the faith of his good word, Mike had a plane full of equipment flown in especially to help clients such as the Sheraton Kauai Resort and numerous other VIP home and business owners.


In April 2012, The Professionals division that handles emergency response officially became Rescue Services – Urgent Care: Flood, Fire & Mold. Almost immediately they were put to the test when a massive flood overtook Mike’s 20,000 square foot equipment storage facility. When the flood finally subsided, Mike and his team went to work doing what they do best: they freed their facility from every speck of water, mud, and silt while simultaneously rescuing the people who make up the heart of their business – the customers.


In the midst of dealing with his own disaster, Rescue Services was on call to save the people of Kauai whose homes and businesses had been devastated by the flood. Hotel managers, insurance companies, and homeowners call on Mike because they know and trust that as soon as they pick up the phone to call Rescue Services, a knowledgeable expert and caring person is there with the right tools and skills to make the trouble and stress of water damage, flood, fire, and mold damage disappear.

“When it’s all over, I want to look you in the eyes and make sure you’re 100% satisfied.”

Mike Wallace


Founder & Owner

Influenced by his father’s entrepreneurial spirit and natural ability to connect with the people of Kauai, a very young and ambitious Mike took on multiple jobs as soon as he was old enough to work. He dedicated everything he had to providing exactly those services that would greatly improve the lives of his customers. One of those jobs was The Professionals, a successful window cleaning business that Mike and his team grew using the grassroots philosophy of “treat everyone with genuine respect and do a great job every time.”

In April 2012, Mike expanded The Professionals to Flood mitigation, Fire clean-up and mold removal, servicing clients such as the Sheraton Kauai Resort, numerous other VIP homes, and business owners. To this day, people call on Mike because they know he’ll be there. Not one of them is turned away.

“My commitment is to give you the best service possible whether you’re one person, a company, or a hotel.”
~ Mike Wallace.

Sydney Pimentel

Sydney Pimentel

Office Manager

Sydney makes sure to keep everyone’s head on straight – from the call center to all of the technicians out in the field. With a background in hospitality, she is truly committed to providing the best customer experience possible.



Reconstruction Manager

This friendly local boy is a devoted cornerstone of our Rescue Services and The Professionals projects. Born into a family of boat captains and divers who sailed the Pacific, Clancy Doorish is the youngest of four children with construction in his blood and the ocean in his heart. We’ve been honored to have Clancy with us since 2004. His extensive knowledge in construction and masonry has been paramount to the success of our business.

Justin Pimentel


Mitigation Manager

Justin Pimentel is a Kauai native who joined The Professionals Kauai family in 2012. When he has some down time from providing our clients with his first-rate technical skills, you can find him hunting, fishing, or spending quality time with his wife and two beautiful children.



Mold Remediation Manager

If there’s mold, Wes will find it. In even the toughest to identify cases, Wes is an IICRC Certified, highly trained and experienced mold remediation expert who gets the job done with care and professionalism.

John Free Partner

John Freepartner

Head Estimator


"For over 25 years, Mike Wallace has helped the people of Kauai in a big way – by rescuing their homes & property from the damages of flood, fire, and mold. Mike and his expert team have customized their water mitigation, fire recovery, and mold remediation services to get the job done when it matters most. In a flood crisis, the last thing in the world you want is someone you don’t know or can’t trust to protect you when things are at their worst. The second you call The Professionals, you know you can count on them to see you through to a full recovery."