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Water Mitigation is Damage Prevention

Water Mitigation

You arrive home after a beautiful sunset at the beach only to discover your refrigerator supply line has broken, and water has been running onto your kitchen floor for hours. Your kitchen floor is tile, so you don’t worry too much as you shut off the water valve – until you notice the water has…

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Mold Growth in your Home

Mold Damage

People often ask how they can detect mold in their homes when it normally grows in places where it can’t be seen. “Mold Detectors” don’t exist as a household tool, but if moisture is present you can be almost certain mold is growing somewhere out of sight.                …

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Dryer Duct Cleaning – Important Homeowner Info

Dryer Vent

Aloha! Most homeowners discuss roofing, painting or carpets when they are thinking about the upkeep of their houses or condos – but how often do you think about your dryer ducts and vents? When lint builds up in the dryer or exhaust duct, it can block the flow of air and cause excessive heat build-up.…

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Preparing for Hurricane Season

Hurricane Iniki

The Pacific hurricane season started on May 15th, and we at Rescue Services encourage our Family and Friends to start preparing, if you haven’t already. As the premier water and storm mitigation company on Kauai for over 25 years, too often we see homeowners find out the limitations of their homeowners, hurricane or flood insurance…

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